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Gladly pay your fee what ever it is and I will call you at a specific time of your choosing,day or night? What do you say? PLease help me…. Hi Jason — I actually do work with folks across the country and even in other countries. All the best — John — john noproblemmac. This worked great… the person I was emailing asked for an attachment… even though it was one already. He wanted the icon evidently. Saw a hundred blogs for permanent solution, But Bam! First time ever searching solutions on net worked out!

So grateful to your Terminal Thing solution. Used The Command and now files are permanently shown to me and my end Mail user as Icons. Thanks alot John! I would go online and search for a solution — terminal or otherwise — that will work with your version of macOS.

Include photos and other files in emails

Hi John, Thanks the sending part worked great but the person who is recieving my email is still getting attachments in open view format. Is there a way to send so that they receive my attachments in icon format? If anyone has different information, please post. Thanks a million. Thank you John! Your clear, easy to follow instructions saved the day! I entered the command into Terminal and it works for me when I am sending an email, but I would like to know if there is a setting for an email I received.

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It is easier for me to select multiple attachments to click and drag if they are set to view as icon. Thank for these instructions. It is a lot cleaner when I am sending emails. There is no setting that I am aware of. I would Google for an answer, but be careful what you do in Terminal. This seems to be no longer true.

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View as icon is not visible in this list. When I right click it states none of the options you have listed, do you mind if I send you a screenshot? Hi Lev — This is an issue in High Sierra. Hopefully it will be addressed in an update. As a writer of of many one-page manuscripts, I need to be sure that recipients are receiving icons.

It is paramount that manuscripts not be viewed until the receiver often my publisher is in a frame of mind to read it — sneak peeks end badly before coffee.

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I want my one page pdf to appear as an icon on emails in mail for mac, so I used the command in Terminal suggested here. It works, recipients are receiving the pdf as an icon. HOWEVER, when I send a copy of this same email to myself — for my records and peace of mind — the pdf is again embedded in the body rather than as an icon!

This gives me no peace of mind and no way of knowing what the recipient received without asking them. Hi Jorie — Unfortunately the only information I could find is about an App called Attachment Tamer, but it looks as if development may have stalled indefinitely.

How to Attach a JPEG in Apple Mail |

If i hear of anything I will update this comment. Good luck. Open Apple Mail if you haven't opened it. Click the "File" menu and select "New Message. Fill in the email's recipient email address, subject and message. Select your email account from the "From" drop-down list. Click the square paper clip icon on the top right corner of the message.

Locate the file you want to attach and click "Choose File. Click the square airplane icon on the top left corner of the email to send your message and its attachments.

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Ashley Donohoe has written business, technology and education articles professionally since Having a background in business and technology, she has completed undergraduate studies in business and computer science along with a Master of Business Administration. The method you choose depends on which procedure provides the greatest convenience for your workflow, how many files you need to attach and where they're located. Open a Finder window and locate the folder where you've saved your JPEG, or find the file on your desktop if you've placed it there.

Click on the file's name to select it. Drag your file onto Mail's Dock icon. If you've set your Finder preferences so the Dock stays hidden, you'll need to drag all the way to the screen edge where you've positioned your Dock -- either the bottom or one of the two vertical edges. Release the file once the Mail icon highlights. Mail creates a new message with the file attached to it.

Create a new Mail message window.

How To Send A Photo As An Email Attachment On Windows, Mac, iOS & Android Devices

Drag and drop your file onto the Mail message window. Your JPEG file becomes a message attachment. Drag and drop also works to create Mail message attachments from iPhoto or other programs. Open a Finder window, go to the location of your saved JPEG, and click on the file's name to select it. Press "Command-C" to copy the file to the clipboard. Press "Command-Tab" to switch back to Mail.

How to Insert an image in the body of your email

Click in the body of your message window and press "Command-V" to paste the file as an attachment. Open the "File" menu and choose "Attach Files. Navigate to the location of the JPEG you want to mail. Click on its name in the file dialog box and click on the "Choose File" button, or double-click on the file name to attach it to your message.

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