Setting up google mail in mac mail

In the mail Add Account window: In the Full Name: This will appear in the From field of your outgoing messages. In the Email address field, enter your Google Apps Mail address e. Click Continue. You will be told that the Account must be manually configured. Press Next. The Incoming Mail Server window will open. In the Incoming Mail Server window: Your NetID might already be filled in, but make sure you add umass.

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This might already be filled in. Click Next. Mail will tell you that Additional account information is required.

How to Set Up Apple Mail for Stanford Google Mail | University IT

Press Next again. The Outgoing Mail Server window will open. In the Outgoing Mail Server window: In the Outgoing Mail Server field, enter smtp. In the username field, enter your Google Mail address , followed by umass.

The Easy Way to Setup Your Gmail Account in Apple Mail

Click Create. Mail will tell you that additional account information is required. Your Google Mail should now be successfully configured and you should see your messages in your Inbox. Email clients come in two varieties: Select Preferences. Click on the Accounts tab. Enter your Email Address.

Problem connecting Gmail to Apple mail solved: Bits of Tech

Enter your email account's Password. Click the Continue button. A message should appear saying "Account must be manually configured".

Troubleshoot problems

Click Next. Enter your full email address as the User Name. Enter the Password of your email account. Authentication should be set to Password. If you receive this message, follow these steps: Click Show Certificate. The show image button.

Check the box to always trust the certificate. The always trust option. Click Connect. Outgoing Mail Server Settings Replace example.

IMAP vs POP3 - How to Email in the 21st Century

The Outgoing Mail Server is the same as your incoming mail server. Again, this will be something like mail. You may receive a message saying Additional account information required.

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  • Make sure the Authentication is set to Password. Click the Create button.