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Old revisions. Recent Changes. Basilisk II. Setup SheepShaver for Windows. Setup SheepShaver for Linux. Setup Basilisk II for Windows. If you're planning to run SheepShaver on a PowerMac, you probably already have these two items. The last command creates links inside the "SheepShaver" source tree to files in the "BasiliskII" tree which are shared between both emulators. After downloading and setting up the repository you can, for example, try to compile the Unix version of SheepShaver:.

Yes, SheepShaver originally appeared for BeOS in as a commercial application first as shareware, then via the now long-defunct BeDepot. Firstly, SheepShaver doesn't run under Windows. The NeXT tooling was amazing at the time.

Setting up SheepShaver for Windows

That's hard to side with, when preemptive multitasking and protected memory wasn't a thing in Classic Mac OS. Those were some big sticking points when trying to Get Shit Done on a Mac, especially in the late nineties. I agree Cocoa was amazing tech, but I don't see the sluggish migration from Carbon being because people didn't buy into it. I think it's more that Carbon worked, and there's just other things to put the expensive engineer's time to good us on. My experience with the Mac developer community at the time was that someone new would come to the mailing lists and ask whether they should use Cocoa or Carbon for developing.

These are people who don't have any legacy code and don't have a bunch of skills they've built up, working on greenfield projects. Unix licensing costs almost definitely. It worked out cheaper to assign a couple of hundred developers to work for years at cloning SVR 4.

Setting up SheepShaver for Windows [E-Maculation wiki]

By the time they were "done" with making hardware and ready to be acquired, NeXT's OS was quite solid and stable, representing a good base to develop MacOS If you take a look at MacOS They probably looked at projects like FreeBSD at the time era and decided that too much time would be required to re-implement what they wanted to do, vs buying NeXT. You're partially correct NeXT's refusal to fully implement Posix is what locked them out of many government contracts, as it was and may still be a requirement.

NeXT was never about UNIX, the compatibility that it had was just to ease the porting into the platform, not to get away from it. Likewise when it was reborn as OS X. When I first used osx from a command line at v AmbrosiaSW was a successful business for over a decade off of games. Most of them hold up very well. TomMasz 78 days ago.

Their office was just down the street from me. It closed sometime last year although their website still seems to be active. From what I understand the company may just be Andrew Welch at this point. It still hurts me that I no longer have access to the email address I used to buy the Escape Velocity series.

One day I'll have to suck it up and repurchase them EamonnMR 78 days ago. Unfortunately if you look around at Reddit and such it appears that they no longer actually sell liscenses, you need to badger the one remaining employee for a code, etc. That's a shame. I actually reached out to them asking if there was any way to look up my license by name and they said no. At this point, what would be the downside to open-sourcing the original code and putting it under GPL 3?

Why hold onto IP that you aren't making any money off of?

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A lot of it probably comes down to IP. A lot of their games contained graphical or sound especially sound assets that they licensed from outside sources; relicensing those to GPL would be impossible.

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Additionally, some of the games distributed by Ambrosia were written partially or entirely by outside developers. It's not clear if Ambrosia even had the source to all of their games, let alone the rights to relicense it. In that case I would say the same recursively to all of the different vendors and contractors involved, but that quickly becomes a much more complicated problem than someone just dumping the source online. Yep, and it's massively complicated by the age of the software. Most of Ambrosia's catalog was released in the 90s -- most of the consulting groups involved have probably long since been acquired or dissolved, any contact information Ambrosia had for the developers is probably stale, and some of the developers may no longer even be alive to grant permission.

EamonnMR 77 days ago.

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I don't think that any one person or group has all of the IP and they can't be persuaded to communicate enough to release it. I get the sense that it was pretty freewheeling back in the day. So I guess I should hurry up and setup an emulator so I can get my fix. I ripped and uploaded a few old MacFormat CDs, if that's useful. Someone else is seeding the same data as a torrent: If you're interested in the 32x32 icon style for graphic art reasons, I wrote IconPush to search my old Mac OS 9 icon collection: What features are missing?

User-created templates are such a pain in Google Docs that I would almost consider it a missing feature.

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Tab stops that align to the decimal point. Does Google Docs even let you control kerning these days? Last time I used it, it was a toy. Google Docs feels like using Word 2.


You say that like that's a bad thing. Feature wise Word 2.

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In fact I'd rather use office 95 than the bloatware that came after it. It's also lightning fast, unlike Google Docs.