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Rewrap M2TS files with AC3 audio into QuickTime movies on Mac-ClipWrap

Free trial version of this powerful Media Player is now available on Macgo Official Download Center, or you can click here to download Free Mac Media Player , and then drag its icon to your Application folder. After installing Free Mac Media Player, you can go to "Launchpad" and click on its icon to launch the program. The simplified main interface will reduce certain misoperations. You can see two buttons there: Open File and Open Disc. If you want to play a AC3 files, just click on "Open File" and select the AC3 document you would like to watch from your local multimedia files, and then click "Open".

Wait for a bit, and the AC3 file will be played for you directly. Marcus [Visitor]. Ahh awesome! I have been hunting around for an exact how-to tutorial.. I am picking up my first mac today and was a bit unsure about 5. You eased my worries and I will try it out when I bring my new mac home! Larry [Visitor].

Maybe this is new in Snow Leopard? I have no clue since this is my first Mac. Tino [Visitor]. First my setup: Ah, yes, the Quicktime volume slider is a its right end. Do you have any idea what I could do?

QT AC3 Codec for Mac - Download

Try 2ch bits! I recently found that It was sometimes necessary to set to 16 bits. Do you have any other idea? Bill Lyon [Visitor].

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DreamConjuror [Visitor]. Francois, I do not know if I can convey the number of hours I have spent on this. I still could not get everything. So for some reason I did another search and found this page. Thank you so very much. But I did encounter yet more problems with surround and stereo on my Mac. Ben [Visitor].

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Thank you for this excellent tip! So let me see if I have this straight: Hope that made sense, and thanks again! Zoran [Visitor]. Drew Marshall [Visitor]. Matt [Visitor]. MACS [Visitor]. Dave Green [Visitor].

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NAZ [Visitor]. Thank you very much. Well thanks i was looking for this how to get surround out of it: Chris H [Visitor]. Johan [Visitor]. Hi Francois Did you make it work with SL I tried the settings described above and I only get some stereo sound PCM on my receiver. David [Visitor]. Kris Van de Sande [Visitor]. CloneDVD [Visitor]. I had the same problem and googled solutions to find you.

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It works! Thank you soooo much! Floris [Visitor]. Ace23 [Visitor]. What am I doing wrong any ideas? Inaxio [Visitor]. Thierry [Visitor].

AC3 decompressor component for QuickTime

Tracks 1 to 5: Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? Unbelievable it worked. Thany you very much!!! My quicktime stopped playing video or audio, but my DivX now works fine!

QT AC3 Codec

Works great. Thank you very much. I was having such a hard time to play an. It really worked! Kickass instructions.