A320 fmgs trainer for mac

We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. The latest version is 1. See below the changes in each version:. Airbus Customers Services believes that this application dedicated to the Continue to app Rating: We have included a short systems booklet, A limitations file, a breakdown of the system display pages for each But don't worry — you can solve this problem easily.

You already know that the minimum fuel you can have on board at the final waypoint is 6. Subtract 6 from that number, and this will give you the amount you can somewhat safely adjust your block value by. Even though FANS is not a very complicated system, it has been suggested that it has not been documented well. The documentation is very technical and can be confusing, plus it does not discuss every possible scenario, nor does it provide many screen shots of the MCDU and only a few screenshots of the DCDU.

ATC operators and pilots may use accented speech when communicating by voice, and sometimes verbal instructions can be misunderstood for example "Descend for four thousand feet" or "Descend four four thousand feet"? Mixing these instructions up can be fatal! And it has happened!

The most crucial thing to understand about the differences is that with FANS A, the data link is intended to be the primary communication method with voice communication as a backup. In a FANS B environment, voice communication is the primary method to be used for communicating with ATC and the data link is supposed to supplement this.

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You compose messages using the MCDU. The DCDU in these aircraft is controlled by the use of physical pushbuttons. In the A it is quite different. In theory you can use the MCDU to set up a message in the A, but in practice you probably wouldn't, since the large ATC Mailbox display with its touchscreen interface is supposed to make your job easier. You are requesting permission to change course so that you will be enroute to a specific destination, waypoint, fix, or other recognized navigation point.

This app requires a user account provided by your Eca Faros representative

To initiate this request, type the code of the required destination and then press LSK1. The final step in making the request, assuming that you don't wish to qualify it, is to press LSK6R. WX DEV is a deviation due to weather. You are requesting a deviation of a certain number of miles left or right of your current ground track to temporarily deviate around the bad weather. The request is formed in 2 parts. The first is a numeric value indicating the number of miles, and the second is a letter value either L or R indicating the direction of the deviation left or right. So for example a value of 5L means "5 nautical miles left of track" and a value of 11R means "11 nautical miles right of track.

An offset is similar to a deviation. Note that this message could also be sent to you as an instruction, not always as a result of your own request. After typing in your request always in the format shown, eg: You can specify a time instead of a waypoint for the AT clause. Useful when you're a long way from any waypoint. This one is really easy because it is specifying an exact heading. When ATC responds, pay attention to the instruction because they will not just clear you to turn to the heading but also instruct whether they want you to turn left or right to the new heading.

Also you always need to check because the instruction may not exactly match what you are expecting to receive. You may in fact be instructed to a different heading to the one you requested. Be careful when requesting headings. They are not always the most appropriate choice.

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Ground tracks are more accurate from the ATC perspective, because a ground track is always true. For example, assume that you are told to fly heading and you turn the aircraft so that the nose is pointing to , but you are moving forward at knots and there is a wind gusting 40 knots at you from the southwest. Your heading will stay at the entire time, but over time you will be more and more off course from the radial you were steered onto at the start of the move due to effect of wind drift and the rotation of the Earth below you.

If you don't have a VOR to lock onto, then autopilot can be set to HDG and you set a heading instead of a ground track. The AP works differently in these modes. The compass tape will not move around unless you take a real hammering from wind or turbulence. If you have never experienced this AP effect before, you could be alarmed to see the compass tape moving about, but this is not a problem as long as the aircraft keeps moving forward along the correct ground track. In other words, when in NAV mode, your nose does not necessarily point to where you are going, but to where it needs to point to in order to ensure you get to where you are going in the most efficient way.

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A320 FMGS trainer

The middle section is the lesson body, which contains all the content of the lesson. I can't see the MCDU at all, what could be wrong? Upgrading any of these is a good idea. Also the page might have timed out before all the files were loaded. Refreshing the page can possibly fix this. It is possibly a browser problem. Try loading the page in a different browser.

I can see the MCDU, all the buttons work, but some of the text is displaying strangely. What's up with that? Your browser might be set to display fonts more large or more small. Everything works fine, but your MCDU looks nothing like the one in my game! Why is that?

A320 fmgs trainer for mac full version download

The MCDU in your game only needs to be realistic enough to make the game more fun and immersive. It is not really intended as a real training tool. Our device is intended to help you learn, so we pay more attention to detail and ensuring that everything is as realistic as we can get it. Also, games can limit what the developer can do, whereas here we do not have to worry about that. Most likely this is because your aircraft is very new or very old.

If it is more old then your airline sucks and you should contact me and let me know which airline so I can avoid flying with them! Seriously, if the MCDU in your airplane is more old, then the keys will be in different locations, some may be labeled differently, and the screen may lack colors or may have some things a bit different, but the basic operations will be very close. Our model is based on the release installed in A If it is neither of the above problems, then please contact us with details of what needs to be changed and we will do our best to fix the problems.

Thank you for helping us!

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When I am typing something, the screen jumps. How do I fix that? This happens because the browser tries to scroll the window when you press the space bar.

The Basics of Flight Plan Programming Using The Airbus MCDU

You've probably noticed something similar when you try to pause a YouTube video and the screen scrolls instead of pausing the video, or when you are using your mousewheel to scroll a page and suddenly the pointer goes over the top of a Google Map and now instead of the page scrolling the map is zooming.

If the screen jumps when you press the space bar, the best way to fix it is to press the F11 key on your keyboard which takes you to full screen mode. Pressing that key again will return you to normal mode. When I make a typo and press the backspace key to clear it, the whole webpage navigates back to the previous page. How can I stop that? This annoyance is caused by a very very stupid keyboard shortcut in Firefox that causes the backspace key to be a shotcut for navigating to the previous page, because apparently Mozilla developers think all their users are too lazy to press Alt and left arrow key to do the same thing.

The reasoning must be "why press 2 keys when you can do it with only 1?

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Fortunately this bug does not exist in Chrome or Chromium, so those browsers are recommended for use with this MCDU program. What happened? This is another Firefox keyboard problem. Boy, Firefox users sure must be lazy, huh? There is no way to override this, so you either have to press ESC to exit the search feature, or click on the MCDU again to reset the keyboard focus point.

Fortunately this bug does not exist in Chrome or Chromium, so these browsers are recommended for use with this MCDU device. This can cause an invisible character to be typed on the keyboard buffer, and the MCDU reads all the information, including the invisible characters. Even my training center technician seems so reluctant to help. I dont know whats wrong with all these people and i am so pist i could use a sledge hammer and hit my lap top.

I really hope someone out here would be kind enough to help a fellow aviator under training. Thank you in advance. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Airmen Check out this website. Find More Posts by nitpicker Fursty Ferret. So, other people are selfish because they won't help you steal something?

Find More Posts by Fursty Ferret. Common, sharing is caring right? Find More Posts by cav-not-ok. Okay, i see your point and im not here to start an argument.

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